Why Edge?

It's a matter of how we work. And that we work, tirelessly, for our clients. Our energy is informed by decades of expertise... not just collectively, but from each Edge professional. We don't learn on our client's dime; here, seniority and judgment are assumed.

We understand and respect the fundamentals. Our methodology is simple. We have distilled the public relations process to its essence: we think, we write, we pitch. And we get results, powerfully and consistently - not coverage for its own sake, but to support business growth. Coverage is meaningless without context; reputation management must build and elevate the organization.

5419 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 727
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone 323/469-3397
Fax 323/645-7054

For more information, contact us at : info@edgecommunicationsinc.com

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The Edge Difference

Our Philosophy

We make it our business to be easy to work with. Without big-agency overhead, or the too-common practice of bait-and-switch, substituting less seasoned professionals for top talent. Top talent is all we have. That talent doesn't focus on agency politics or administrative busywork; they focus on the client. Our business model makes our account support capabilities highly elastic; that is, we can expand -- or contract -- as client needs evolve, quickly and cost-effectively. We seek long-term relationships. Some clients have turned to us for several tours of duty. We're open to sustaining programs or short-term projects... whatever makes business sense.

Our People

The collective experience of the Edge Communications, Inc. team is, in part, what defines the agency. In addition to their service with Edge clients directly, team members have worked with many of the world's leading brands, across a wide spectrum of industry sectors. More

Our Culture

Entrepreneurial. Very much in keeping with the spirit of our clients, Edge team members are by definition self-starters: focused, confident, driven, accountable - invested in their success and in the client's. Our service is turnkey; as a first principle, we take work off the client's plate -- and continue to own that responsibility through the life of the relationship. This cultural orientation is part of our DNA and manifests itself in countless ways, from thinking about the client's customers to digging deep into competitive differentiators to forging new, communications-driven relationships with potential partners.